Technical Specs



We accept text information and images for inclusion in the magazine of your school’s news and events. However, the preferred format is a complete pdf file with your news and events that you have designed. We recommend the software “InDesign” by Adobe. With this software you can easily put together a page that we can use in our magazine. You can download an InDesign template below.


Using InDesign, the following page size and margins are required:
Page Size: 768 X 1024 pixels

Pixel sizes as listed above are preferred, but for those without this ability, here are page sizes in centimeters and inches.
27.09 cm X 36.12 cm
10.667 inches X 14.222 inches

Page Margins:
Top 36 pixels
Bottom 36 pixels
Left 36 pixels
Right 36 pixels
(We recommend these margins for reference, but text and images outside these margin are permitted)

After designing your page, submit (email) your page’s final edit to us in pdf format. Here are the steps/specs for exporting your InDesign page to the pdf format:
InDesign Export
File > Export > Adobe PDF (interactive)
Compression: JPEG (lossy)
JPEG Quality: Maximum
Resolution: 300

Click here to download our InDesign Template that you can use for your pages.
The template contains 2 pages, one with a heading at the top and the other without the heading. Just delete the page design that you do not want to use.

Email your school’s information to us with the text in the email
Email your school’s pdf file to us as an email attachment.